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Single Girder EOT Crane

Industrial cranes of the single girder electric overhead travelling (EOT) variety are frequently employed in processes related to manufacturing, assembly, and warehousing. This crane design has a trolley hoist that travels horizontally along the bridge and a single bridge girder supported by two end trucks.

Planning and Building

• Single Girder Design: The crane's bridge is made of a single girder, which saves weight and money overall and offers sufficient support.
• Robust Construction: Longevity and durability are ensured by the use of premium steel.
• Customizable Span and Lift: Available in a range of spans and lifting capacities, this feature can be adjusted to match particular workplace requirements.

Effective Functioning

• Electric Hoist: Outfitted with an electric hoist to facilitate effortless and effective lifting tasks.
• Variable Speed Controls: Provides precise positioning and increased safety with variable speed controls.
• Usability: Controls and interfaces that are easy to use, guaranteeing a shorter learning curve.

Safety Elements

• Overload Protection: Integrated safety mechanisms to prevent overloading and ensure safe lifting.
• Emergency Stop: Equipped with buttons for an instantaneous shutdown of the system in the event that it becomes necessary.
• Limit switches: Make sure the tram and hoist don't go beyond their intended travel restrictions.


Single Girder EOT Cranes are versatile and find applications in various industries, including:
• Manufacturing: Ideal for moving raw materials, components, and finished goods within the production area.
• Warehousing: Efficiently handles the loading and unloading of heavy items in storage facilities.
• Assembly Lines: Facilitates the movement of parts and assemblies in automotive and other production lines.
• Maintenance Shops: Assists in lifting and positioning heavy machinery and equipment during maintenance activities.


• Cost-Effective: Generally more affordable than double girder cranes, making them a cost-effective solution for many businesses.
• Space-Saving: Requires less headroom and offers better hook approach, making it suitable for facilities with space constraints.
• Easy Installation: Simplified design allows for quicker and more straightforward installation.

Maintenance and Support

Regular maintenance of a Single Girder EOT Crane is crucial to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Key maintenance activities include:
• Routine Inspections: Regular checks of the crane's structural components, hoist, and electrical systems.
• Lubrication: Ensuring all moving parts are adequately lubricated to reduce wear and tear.
• Part Replacement: Timely replacement of worn-out parts to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

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Benefits of Crane Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Overhead cranes offer numerous benefits to their customers. These include: Efficiency, Lower Maintenance Costs, Relative Usability, Security, Adaptability and Lower Work Costs.


Overhead cranes do not have many moving parts, although they can move heavier objects and materials than their complicated counterparts. However, they can do their job using less energy and less fuel.


Overhead cranes are usually controlled utilizing wireless controls, so operators are much secure during activity than they once were. For loading and unloading cranes, they do not need to be at a safe distance or even near sight.


Overhead cranes are adaptable in some different senses of the word. First, if some additional equipment is fitted on the bridge, users can perform several separate tasks using a crane. Second, overhead cranes in the store can be replaced to pick up new or dynamic applications. Third, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Fourth and finally, many lifting applications are set up so that the cranes can easily replace them.


Overhead cranes, associated with other lifting equipment, are not difficult to work. One, overhead cranes do not require manual lifting; Bridges and connections do a large portion of the work. For two, while preparing for similar lifting equipment can take weeks, preparing for overhead crane use is usually only a few days.

Work Costs

Another advantage of overhead cranes is the fact that it produces much lower labor costs than other equipment like it. This is because one operator can handle the overhead crane loads, and they do not need to worry about driving around.

Maintenance Costs

Finally, overhead cranes have less moving parts, easier to maintain, and less brittle. This means lower maintenance costs for you.

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Established in the year 2011, at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, we “INOVIC CRM ENGINEERING” ISO 9001:2015 Certificate Company are the well known Crane manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of a wide varieties like EOT Crane, Single Girder EOT Crane, Double Girder EOT Crane, EOT Crane Spare Parts, Industrial Hoist Crane, Jib Crane, Goliath Crane, Flame Proof (FLP) Crane, electric hoist, Goods Lift  and EOT Crane Service, to fore a vast array of advanced lifting  and shifting solutions adept for various functions in various industry types. We have dedicated to you the most appropriate cranes and services that will enhance the value and performance of your business to suit your lifting needs. The supplied quality is manufactured with the help of high quality components and innovative technology as per international standards under the competent guidance of our experts. We only utilize quality approved components while manufacturing these Cranes that are procured from trustworthy and certified market vendors.

We are the best Crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Their features durable body structure sturdy construction, high load bearing capacity less maintenance, less fuel, and long functional life, these cranes are extremely applauded by our esteemed customers. In addition to this, we provide these products in varied customized options as per the requirements and preferences of our respected customers. INOVIC CRM ENGINEERING products are ideal for heavy lifting and has applications across a wide range of different segments namely, Iron & Steel, Engineering, Chemical, Rolling Mills,  Paper, Power station (Hydro/wind/thermal), Automotive, Construction, Ship Building, Railways, etc.

Crane Manufacturer in India

Crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Crane Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. A crane instrument is lifted to products and equipment to move equally both here and there. Cranes for shipping to assume a major job lift substantial stuff and move to different spots. We are focused on assembling EOT cranes taking into your particular requirements and making EOT Crane, Overhead Cranes, Single Girder EOT CraneDouble Girder EOT Crane, Double Girder Crane Supplier, Single Girder Crane Supplier, Industrial Hoist Crane Manufacturer, Crane Hoist Service, Goliath Crane, Goliath Gantry Cranes, Semi Goliath Crane, Jib Crane, End Carriage, FLP Crane, FLP Crane, electric hoist, industrial winch, electric winch, crane wheel, crane end carriage and so on additionally supplies redid cranes material dealing with arrangements. We have profound involvement with all significant businesses where we can effectively fulfill explicit needs of different fields like Manufacturing ventures, Shipping yards, ports, Construction organizations, Transport and coordination organizations, and different fields which request material taking care of and merchandise lifting cranes.

We have a group of experts that spend significant time in cranes and hoists fabricating. Let us increment the development of your business by conveying you the High-execution items. We guarantee that our all items are produced from top notch raw material and our dependable sellers, get the raw material and take it to the further cycle. Our skilled technocrats utilize the serious machines and apparatuses to deliver a prevalent scope of items. We provide material taking care of types of gear like low-cost cranes and wire rope hoist to meet your requirements and financial plan.

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