Articulating Jib Crane

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  • Articulating jib cranes can move loads around corners and columns, reach into machinery and containers and service an area from close to the pivot point to the end of the boom for 360° of operation. Capacities from 150 to 2,000 lbs., spans to 16 ft
  • Articulating jibs can be floor, wall, ceiling, or bridge crane mounted to best suit your application.
  • Free standing and ceiling mounted series offer 360° rotation with options to internally pipe compressed air, vacuum or electrification to any device supported on the end of the boom.
Articulating jib crane Articulating jib crane Articulating jIb crane, electric chain hoist 1 ton
Articulating-jIB-CRANE-4 Articulating-jIB-CRANE-4 Articulating jIb Crane, electric hoist
Articulating-jIB-CRANE-3 Articulating-jIB-CRANE-3 Articulating jIb Crane, Electric Wire Rope Hoists
Articulating-jIB-CRANE-2 Articulating-jIB-CRANE-2 Articulating-jIB-CRANE, electric chain hoist
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