Semi Goliath Crane

Semi gantry EOT cranes & Semi Goliath Crane Manufacturer

We are an incorporated Semi Goliath Crane manufacturer that can design and supply cranes according to your requirement. Our offered semi gantry / goliath cranes can handle large loads with ease and are known for their excellent build quality. Goliath Cranes or Gantry Crane are modified to applications where transparency runways would be not possible, costly to erect and difficult to maintain in alignment. Where the installation is only temporary a gantry crane can be moved to a new location with less trouble or expenses than an overhead crane and its runway. While one end of the semi gantry crane travels on a regular gantry rail, other carriage travels on floor-mounted rail track in a semi gantry crane.

Semi Goliath crane Specifications:

CAPACITY            : 1 Ton to 30 Ton

SPAN                    : 6 M to 25 M

LIFTING               : 6 M to 20 M

Application         :  Refineries

                             : Chemical Industries

Semi-Goliath-Crane-1 Semi-Goliath-Crane-1 Semi Goliath Crane, Goods Lift Supplier

Our Semi Goliath/ Semi Gantry EOT cranes offer the following benefits:

  • A single leg gantry can also be used with an under running end truck on one end which travels on the bottom flange of an overhead runway beam.
  • The single leg design maximizes space utility in confined, narrow areas by traveling down an aisle on polyurethane wheels while the other end of the I-beam mounts on an end truck traveling on an overhead runway
  • Even the heavy fabrication yards make use of these Gantry or Goliath cranes.
  • It is best used in the indoor application where the part utilization of the bay is necessary like in a tool room or in a big bay where crane coverage is necessary over a scrupulous machine reserved near to the side walls.
  • Semi Goliath crane is also a perfect supplement in an outdoor application where the outer side of the existing building can be used to mount the gantry rails.
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