Pillar Mounted Jib Crane

  • Pillar jib crane is a light-small lifting device widely used in assembling and production line of modern industries.
  • It can be used in areas including machine manufacturing, motor vehicle and ship-building.
  • And pillar jibs are the best and the most popular cranes for garage, lab and wharf to do daily hoisting and transport work
  • Lift Capacity : 0.25-5t
  • Max Lift Height : 3-8m
  • Slew Angle : 360°
  • Level Travel Speed : 20m/min
Free-Standing-Jib-Crane-1 Free-Standing-Jib-Crane-1 Free Standing Jib Crane, Wire Rope Hoist manufacturers
Free-Standing-Jib-Crane-2 Free-Standing-Jib-Crane-2 Free Standing Jib Crane, wire Rope Hoist

Pillar Mounted Jib Crane Specification:

CAPACITY           : 1 Ton to 5 Ton

SPAN                   : 3 m to 6 m

LIFTING               : 3 m to 10 m

Application         :  Unloading

                             :  Building Material

                             :  Repair Shop

                             :  Stock yard

                             :  Tool Room

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